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About Praxeo Health

Our Mission

Praxeo Health delivers precise clinical interpretations and cost-effective testing solutions to physicians. At Praxeo Health, we believe that our providers and patients are best served through diagnostics performed with integrity, competence and care.

Praxeo Health is continually creating new ways to make physicians' lives easier and patients' lives healthier. Through ongoing research, discovery and development of new approaches to personalized laboratory medicine, we are dedicated to furthering the progress of healthcare today.

Moreover, through early detection and individualized patient results, Praxeo Health enables physicians to eliminate unnecessary treatments and their related expenses. Our comprehensive testing solutions promote ongoing cost savings that benefit patients and payers alike.

Our model is uniquely developed in partnership with our physicians and clients who want the best care for their patients without wasting time in the billing games. We help our providers get the right test, at the right time so they can focus on offering the best care to their patients.