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Intervention delivery at the point of results.
Because the earlier you know, the more options you have.

Today’s employers and managed care providers are solving for complex population issues.

How do you provide preventive care and reduce the spend created by the 1% of patients driving the highest costs? How do you create benefits your healthy members will be excited about, despite rising deductibles?

At Praxeo Health, we see an opportunity to drive cost savings and better patient care through improved diagnostics.

We’ve built unique products and services for our partners, including:

» Access Lab Data Instantly; Integrated Directly into your Systems

» Competitive Pricing and Shared Savings Programs

» Real-time Delivery of Clinical Programs with New Results

Praxeo Health knows that receiving clinical lab results is a valuable experience for your population, for their doctors, and for their care. Praxeo Health leverages data from test results to fill in the gaps in clinical profiles.

Whether a patient’s toxicology screening is a point of introduction to their employee assistance program (EAP) or their most recent blood panel becomes a starting point for prevention and wellness programs, Praxeo Health leverages lab results to help providers and patients utilize their benefits from the earliest intervention.