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Praxeo Health stands at the forefront of toxicology, developing new methods, while providing health care professionals with reliable and expedient results. Praxeo Health represents a better way to connect our customers with speedy, compliant testing through modern technology, innovative processes and quality services.


Praxeo Health' state-of-the-art lab features Waters®, Agilent Technologies® and Hamilton® instrumentation, allowing for the most comprehensive analyses possible.

Praxeo Health holds compliance and lab safety to the highest standard in order to produce accurate qualitative and quantitative analyses in the shortest span of time, without compromising quality. Praxeo Health takes pride in the quality of our services and our team’s commitment to providing innovation through R&D and insightful results that improve patient care.

Praxeo Health’s tests are clinically-actionable and medically-relevant. When paired with clinical expertise and chemistry services, pharmacogenetics testing and medication monitoring can be important assessment tools to help clinicians improve patient outcomes. Additionally, our clinical wellness panels provide clinicians with a comprehensive overview to ensure excellent patient care.

Praxeo makes navigating complex distribution and lab processes a thing of the past.

Our team is always available to answer questions for clients about our lab, our test menu, our processes, results and anything else they might want to know. Please feel free to contact us at