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Improving Patient Care Starts with Better Diagnostics

Praxeo Health Services

A different approach to clinical labs. Our processes and technologies allow us to offer accurate, affordable results every time, available anywhere, anytime.

The Praxeo Health Difference

Praxeo Health represents a better way to connect our customers with speedy, compliant testing through modern technology, innovative processes and high-quality services.

Best-in-Class Lab Services

Praxeo Health doesn’t just follow the rules. We are constantly designing new processes and methods to ensure the highest quality procedures, specimen integrity, and accurate results.

Fast Turnaround

At Praxeo Health, our proprietary collection method is designed to make sure samples get from your patients to our labs with the shortest delay possible. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, get your test results faster.

One-Stop Shop

Praxeo Health invests in technology where other labs don’t. Our integrated portal is completely digital from e-requisitions to results. Praxeo is the one place you can order all tests you need and see results in real-time.

Competitive Pricing

A test should have one price, no matter who’s paying for it. Whether your patients are federally or commercially insured, we aim to offer a fee schedule competitive with the market leaders in diagnostics.

Shared Savings

We know that a timely, high-quality diagnostic test doesn’t need to break the bank to be effective. That’s why we work with employers and at-risk providers to offer shared savings plans. When we improve our costs, so do you.

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